Valentine Party Favors for Kids - Surprise Toy and Game Assortment for Valentine Gifts and Classroom Parties (72 Pieces Total, Fills 12 Goody Bags)


  • How fun are these kid's Valentine's gifts?! Kids love surprises, so these are great to use at school parties, for giveaways, and for your own family. Toys and activities include valentine disc shooters and finger traps for active play, friendship bracelets and emoji erasers for keepsakes, and even a game of choices. This lighthearted game, called "This Or That", allows children pick "this" from one category or "that" from another, to see how much they have in common with their friends or siblings. This is a fun goodie bag Valentine's gift for kids! Add your own candy, or use instead of candy altogether
  • Valentine's Day Party Favors for Kids - fun Valentine's gifts for the classroom and at home!
  • Toys and games include goody bags, friendship bracelets, disc shooters, poop emoji pencil top erasers, finger traps, and a game of choices.
  • All items feature festive Valentine's Day colors and patterns, great for both girls and boys.
  • Set includes 12 of each items, for a total of 72 pieces - enough to fill the 12 goody bags included.