Kitchen Helper Magnets with Ingredient Measurements, Substitutions - Set of 4



  • These fridge magnets feature a set of guide that make cooking and baking easy.
  • Displays measurement conversions (tablespoon/teaspoon, cups/oz, and more) and a freezer chart that shows how long food can stay good frozen (bread, milk, meat)
  • Also includes a roasting chart for meat and a list of substitutions (baking powder, chocolate, molasses and more)
  • Each kitchen magnet features a farmhouse, floral design that's a great addition to your country-inspired kitchen decor.
  • 4-3/4"W x 6-3/8"L, each

Details: This Set of 4 Kitchen Helper Magnets keeps useful kitchen tips at your fingertips. Measurements:  4-3/4"W x 6-3/8"L, each. Set includes: Freezer Chart with recommended time limits for freezing various foods, Cooking Measurement Equivalents chart to convert tablespoons, cups, quarts and more, Substitutions chart for items such as butter, flour, milk and more, Roasting Chart with time and temperature for various meats