Are You Ready To Throw The Ultimate Oktoberfest Party?

Oktoberfest is commonly recognized as a time to eat, drink, and be merry. Invite who you want, when you want! Stay up late, or party til dawn! But to make it great, keep it authentic with themed decorations and authentic German food and beverages. We can only offer you advice on German food and beverages, but decorations and party supplies are definitely our specialty!

oktoberfest party supplies pack

What is an Oktoberfest party without the right party decorations, decor and supplies? If you are looking for a complete set, we’ve got you covered! You get a full Oktoberfest party experience all in one package! This practical Oktoberfest party pack is a perfect fit and one-stop-shop bundle. It includes: Welcome to Oktoberfest banner, Bavarian checkered flag pennants, hanging whirls with beer steins, a checkered tablecloth, and 24 balloons! Check out the right here on our site!

Setting The Perfect Oktoberfest Ambience

Creating a mini Munich in your backyard is the best and most authentic way to celebrate Oktoberfest at home. Decorations are vital in turning your event space into the perfect stage for your Oktoberfest party. Traditional Bavarian blue and white is the most common way to decorate your space. Our blue and white checkered pretzel paper dessert plates beverage napkins will match perfectly our blue and white table cover and Welcome banner. If you're going to have cups at your Oktoberfest party, you might as well theme them up too!
Oktoberfest Drinking Dice Game For Adults

OKTOBERFEST + BEER: They just go together! A fun addition to Oktoberfest party supplies, this drinking game adds competitive fun to this seasonal celebration. This package includes two game dice, 20 shot glasses, and one introduction sheet in a cute drawstring bag. One dice tells who plays the round and the second dice tells the action of your challenge. Cheers to a festive and safe Oktoberfest celebration and remember to drink responsibly!

Beer Party Decorations
Cheers and Beers! Oktoberfest is all about good beer and good food. We, at Home and Hoopla, offer Beer Party decorations, including banners and balloons. Our cool golden yellow beer banners and bear mug balloons feature enough pints, pilsners, bottles, and steins to make you tipsy with excitement.

The Dress Code

Stylized clothing is the quickest way to get into the right mindset for any theme party, and an Oktoberfest celebration is no exception. Enjoy any Oktoberfest party in these authentic party outfits! One male and one female vest are included - one for yourself, one for a friend! Party with beer and brats at this festival - in this classic Oktoberfest costume apparel set. Plastic material makes these wipeable and disposable for easy cleanup too! This set includes one male outfit vest and one fraulein female outfit vest.


Like A True Bavarian

To speak like a true Bavarian, and enjoy Oktoberfest to the fullest, here are the 5 most important phrases to learn:

- “Servus” = “Hello!” and “Goodbye!”
- “An schenan Doog no” = “Have a nice day!”
- “I hätt gern a Mass!” = “I’ll have another beer!”
- “Wos hobt’s na heir ois Schmanggal?” = “What’s the daily special?”
- “Oans, zwoa, drei, g’suffa!” = “one, two, three, drink!”
- “Prost!” = “cheers!”