Blank Board Game and Pieces DIY Create Your Own Board GameSet - Make Your Own Board Game with Pawns, Cards, Spinner, Dice and Custom Storage Box



  • CREATE YOUR OWN BOARD GAME: Let the creativity flow! The perfect set for students of any age, artists, creators, and anyone who just want to have fun!
  • SET INCLUDES: Blank game board, blank die, 56 2-sided blank cards, spinner, and 6 pawns. Blank game box is ready for your decoration and safely stores all of your game pieces in the interior plastic tray (included).
  • WAYS TO PLAY: Used by teachers and parents for a memorable and unique learning activities. Also makes a fun custom gift for any age!
  • NO SMEAR, NO MESS: Matte finish means your art work won't wipe off! Use permanent markers, crayons, colored pencils, paint, or mixed media.
  • MEASUREMENTS: Blank game box with lid (10in x 10in x 3in), game cards (2.5in x 3.5in), gameboard (18in x 18in unfolded), spinner (5in), and die (5/8in).

Details: Let the creativity flow! Make Your Own Board Game with Blank Die, Cards, Spinner, and Pawns. Great for learning games, art projects, creative book reports, STEM activities, making game prototypes, and more!</p> <p>SET INCLUDES: <br> - Blank game board 18in x 18in : Create your own game with your original artwork. Use with crayons, markers, pencils and other art materials. White, glossy finish, blue pebble cover. <br>- 6 colored pawns: 6 cone shaped playing pieces set: red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, and navy <br>- 56 Blank deck cards (both sides) : 2.5in wide by 3.5in high with white matte finish on thick, quality paper stock. <br>- 1 standard 6-sided die (16mm=5/8″) <br>- 1 arrow spinner with 5in square base <br>- Plastic storage tray inside box to hold all of your game pieces <br>- Storage Box With Lid to keep your game kit together. Don't forget to decorate this, too!