Are you ready to throw the ultimate MERMAID THEMED party?

Read on my friend!  We love a good sparkly, mermaid, & starfish party as much as you!  Fun fact: the mermaid theme was one of the first trending themes Home & Hoopla started with.  Lucky for you!!  Now, let's move on to explore some fun trending mermaid party ideas & supplies.  

1) Shimmering Clamshell Dessert Plates and Mermaid Scales Napkins (a fun Home & Hoopla Mermaid Bundle) - this CUTE plate & napkin set will give you all the mermaid feels at your party.  

mermaid clamshell party plate


2) Meri Meri adorable Mermaid Banner Set - I think you will agree that this cute banner could be a year round decoration in a little one's room!  Meri Meri knows how to deliver the cuteness, that's for sure!

mermaid banner meri


3) A party isn't complete without some MERMAID PARTY FAVORS.  This cute set by yours truly (that's us at Home & Hoopla) will make your party stand out! Featuring 12 adorable mermaid bags and a 72 piece assortment including mermaid-themed stretchy toys, tattoos, pencils, erasers, and stickers! Fill up these cute bags and you're all set!

mermaid party favors


4) If you are looking for a complete bundle, we have you covered!  This hand picked mermaid bundle is a perfect fit and one-stop-shop bundle.  It includes: plates, napkins, balloons & a super cute table cover!  Check out the Complete Mermaid Bundle right here on our site!

mermaid bundle party