Hawaii, known as the “Aloha State,” is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The culture, the people, the beaches, and the food all make it a magical place that anyone would love to experience. Luckily, you don’t have to travel to Hawaii to experience a little bit of the Aloha spirit. With a little bit of creativity, you can bring Hawaii to your home with a Hawaiian-themed party. Whether it’s for a birthday, a summer party, or just for fun, here are 15 best Hawaiian theme party ideas that will transport your guests to the tropical paradise that is Hawaii.

1. Lei-making station

Lei-making station

Leis are a staple of Hawaiian culture and a great way to get your guests in the Aloha spirit. Set up a lei-making station with flowers, string, and instructions, and let your guests create their own leis to wear throughout the party. Instead of just providing flowers and string for guests to create their own leis, you can also provide a variety of materials, such as seashells, beads, and feathers, for them to incorporate into their leis.

2. Pineapple bowling

Take a traditional game and add a Hawaiian twist. Use pineapples instead of bowling balls and set up some bowling pins to create a fun and tropical game. To make this game even more fun, you can decorate the pineapples with paint or markers to give them a fun, tropical look. You can also set up different types of bowling pin arrangements to make the game more challenging.

3. Hawaiian music playlist

Nothing sets the mood quite like music. Create a playlist of Hawaiian music with songs by local artists like Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, and play it throughout the party to get everyone in a relaxed and tropical mood. In addition to traditional Hawaiian music, you can also add some modern island-style music to the playlist, such as songs by local artists like Jack Johnson or The Green.

4. Tiki bar

Create a tiki bar and serve up tropical drinks like Mai Tais, Pina Coladas, and Blue Hawaiians. You can even add some fun tropical decorations like tiki torches and hibiscus flowers to complete the look. To create a truly authentic tiki bar, you can decorate the bar with bamboo, thatch, and tropical flowers. You can also provide a variety of tropical fruits, such as mangoes and passionfruit, to use as garnishes for the drinks. Additionally, you can hire a professional bartender to create specialty drinks for your guests.

5. Luau-style food

Luau-style food

Food is a big part of any party, and a Hawaiian-themed party is no exception. Serve up some traditional Hawaiian dishes like Kalua pork, Lomi salmon, and Haupia for dessert. To make the food even more authentic, you can serve it on traditional Hawaiian plates made out of lauhala (woven palm leaves). You can also incorporate more modern Hawaiian cuisine, such as poke bowls or loco moco, to give your guests a taste of the new and old Hawaii.

6. Hula lessons

Get your guests up and moving with some hula lessons. You can either hire a professional hula dancer to teach your guests or find some instructional videos online. You can also have a hula competition where guests can show off their newly learned hula moves.

7. Limbo


No Hawaiian-themed party is complete without a limbo contest. Play some fun music and challenge your guests to see who can limbo the lowest. To make the limbo contest more exciting, you can add different types of obstacles, such as a streamer or a balloon, that guests have to limbo under. You can also have guests limbo with partners, where one person holds the limbo stick and the other person limbos underneath.

8. Grass skirts and leis

No Hawaiian-themed party is complete without grass skirts and leis. Provide your guests with some fun and colorful grass skirts and leis to wear throughout the party. In addition to traditional grass skirts, you can also provide more modern versions, such as tutu skirts made out of tulle. You can also provide a variety of leis, such as candy leis or money leis, for guests to wear.

9. Beach games

If you have a backyard or access to a beach, set up some beach games like volleyball, Frisbee, and cornhole. These games are perfect for getting your guests in a tropical and relaxed mood. To add a more competitive element to the beach games, you can divide your guests into teams and have them compete in a tournament.

10. Photo booth

Set up a photo booth with some fun and tropical props like coconut bras, flower crowns, surfboards, ukuleles and leis. Your guests can take pictures throughout the party and have a fun souvenir to take home with them. You can take the photo booth to the next level by creating a backdrop that resembles a Hawaiian landscape, such as a waterfall or a beach.

11. Hawaiian trivia

Test your guests’ knowledge of Hawaiian culture with some fun Hawaiian trivia. You can either create your own questions or find some online. The winner can receive a fun Hawaiian-themed prize like a tiki mug or a grass skirt.

12. Hula hoop contest

Challenge your guests to a hula hoop contest. The person who can hula hoop the longest wins a fun prize like a tropical plant or a pineapple. To make the hula hoop contest more challenging, you can have guests perform different types of hula hoop tricks, such as spinning the hoop on one arm or jumping through the hoop. You can also provide different sizes of hula hoops for guests to use.

13. Tiki torches

Hawaiian Party Tiki torches

Create a tropical ambiance by adding some tiki torches to your backyard or party space. These torches will not only add a fun and tropical element to your party but also provide some extra lighting once the sun goes down. You can also use different types of torches, such as bamboo or copper, to create a more varied look. Additionally, you can use citronella oil in the torches to help keep mosquitoes and other pests away.

14. Coconut bowling

Take a page out of the Hawaiians’ book and use coconuts instead of bowling balls for a fun and unique game of bowling. To make coconut bowling more challenging, you can set up different types of bowling pin arrangements or provide different sizes of coconuts. You can also make the game more fun by adding in obstacles or challenges, such as blindfolding the bowler or having them bowl with their non-dominant hand.

15. Movie night

End the night with a movie night featuring classic Hawaiian films like "Blue Hawaii" or "Moana." Set up a projector and a screen outdoors or indoors and provide some popcorn and tropical snacks for your guests to enjoy while watching the film. To create a more immersive experience for your guests, you can decorate the screening area with Hawaiian-themed decorations, such as palm fronds or tiki masks.

A  Hawaiian-themed party is a fun and unique way to bring some Aloha spirit to your home. By incorporating these 15 ideas, you can create an unforgettable party that will transport your guests to the tropical paradise of Hawaii. From lei-making stations to coconut bowling and hula lessons, there are plenty of ways to infuse Hawaiian culture and fun into your party.

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