What is an "Anything But A Cup" party? 

Anything but a cup party is exactly how it sounds – no one is allowed to drink from cups! It’s the perfect way to add a touch of excitement and creativity to your next event. Whether you're hosting a birthday party, a backyard barbecue, or just looking for a fun way to spend time with friends, this type of party is sure to be a hit.

One of the best things about an "Anything But A Cup" party is that you can let your imagination run wild. From quirky sippers shaped like animals to elegant vases filled with fruit-infused water, the possibilities are endless. And with a little bit of preparation, you can create a drink station that's both functional and visually appealing.

Another great aspect of this type of party is that it encourages guests to mingle and try new things. Instead of just grabbing a drink and sitting down, guests will be interacting with each other and trying out different types of sippers and dispensers. It's a great way to add a bit of playfulness to your event and make it more memorable for everyone involved.

Don't worry, it's not rocket science. With a little bit of imagination and some careful planning, you'll be able to create a party that's both enjoyable and unforgettable. 

Anything but a cup party

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Here are some fun ideas to get you started:


Give your guests a sophisticated and elegant way to sip with drinks served in vases. Your guests will love sipping their drinks from a beautiful and stylish vessel.

Balloon Sippers

Ditch the boring cups and inflate the fun with clear balloons filled with your favorite drinks. Guests will love sipping their beverages from a playful and wacky vessel.

Handle-Happy Mugs 

Give your guests a cozy and comfy way to enjoy their drinks with mugs that come with handles. Mix and match different designs for each type of drink so they'll never have to guess what they're sipping on.

Pineapple Party Cups

Anything but a cup party ideas

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Who says cups have to be boring? Add a tropical twist to your shindig by using pineapples as cups. Simply chop off the top and pour in your favorite drinks for a fruity and fun sipping experience.

Jar Mugs with Personality

Serve up your beverages in jar mugs with handles that bring a touch of rustic charm to the party. These reusable and eco-friendly jars come in a variety of sizes and styles, making them perfect for serving drinks ranging from lemonade to iced tea.

Sunglasses that Sip

Make sure your guests can enjoy their drinks hands-free with sunglasses that come with built-in drink holders. These stylish shades will add a playful and practical touch to your party.

Shapely Sippers

Give your guests a unique and one-of-a-kind drinking experience with unique shaped glasses like heart-shaped or animal-inspired. Guests will love sipping their drinks from a glass that's as quirky as they are.

Fish Bowl Frenzy

Fill large fish bowls with your favorite drinks and let your guests take a swim in their sips. This unique and playful twist is sure to make a splash at your party.

Decorative Dispensers

Up the style factor by serving drinks from decorative dispensers like glass or metal. Your guests can easily serve themselves without having to search for traditional cups.

Paper Cones for the Win

Offer guests drinks in paper cones for a fun and portable sipping experience. Perfect for outdoor gatherings, guests can easily hold their drinks and enjoy the festivities.

Barking Good Time

Get your guests barking with excitement by serving drinks in dog bowls. Perfect for a relaxed and casual gathering, guests will love sipping their drinks from a fun and unusual vessel.

No cups party

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So ditch the cups and let the wierd sipping begin! These fun and unconventional ideas are sure to add a touch of creativity and excitement to your next party. Throwing a "Anything But A Cup" party is a breeze when you have the right tools at your disposal. That's why at Home & Hoopla, we've got everything you need to make your party one for the books. No need to stress over the details, just sit back, relax, and let us do the work for you. Our selection of unique and playful drinking vessels is sure to add a touch of creativity and excitement to your event. And with our easy-to-use online shop, you can have everything delivered right to your doorstep in no time.

So why settle for a plain and boring party when you can make it unforgettable with the help of Home & Hoopla? Make a splash at your next event with our one-of-a-kind "Anything But A Cup" party ideas and accessories. Get started today and let the fun begin!