Who needs cupid's arrows when you've got cookies to bake and laughs to share? This Anti-Valentine's Day, throw a Stupid Cupid Cookie-Making Party that's all about embracing the single life, hilariously. Here's how to turn the day of love into a day of sweet treats and even sweeter revenge on Cupid!

  1. Cookie Decorating Station:

Anti-Valentine's Day

Set up a cookie decorating station with heart-shaped cookies – because even if you're anti-love, you're not anti-cookies! Provide a variety of icing colors, sprinkles, and edible markers for guests to express their cookie creativity.

  1. Stupid Cupid Photo Booth:

Anti-Valentine's Day

Create a photo booth area with silly Stupid Cupid props. Think broken arrows, X marks, and signs saying "Not Today, Cupid!" Let your guests capture hilarious moments with a dash of anti-love humor.

  1. Anti-Love Playlist:

Craft a playlist that hilariously mocks love and heartache. Songs like "Love Stinks" and "I Will Survive" will add the perfect comedic backdrop to your cookie-making extravaganza.

  1. Broken Heart Pinata:

Take out any lingering frustrations on a Stupid Cupid-themed pinata. Fill it with anti-love notes, candies, and mini treats. Blindfolded whacks at cupid will surely be the highlight of the day.

  1. Snarky Fortune Cookies:

Create your own fortune cookies with snarky, humorous fortunes. Let each guest crack open a cookie to reveal their fate – minus the sappy love predictions!

  1. Anti-Valentine's Day Decor:

Anti-Valentine's Day

    Decorate the space with banners and signs that declare your independence from love. Slogans like "Love is Overrated" and "Stupid Cupid, Not Today" set the tone for the day.

    1. Burned Love Letter Bonfire:

    Encourage guests to bring old love letters, photos, or mementos. Safely create a mini bonfire to ceremoniously burn away the remnants of past loves. It's a symbolic and cathartic experience!

    1. Cupid Dartboard Game:

    Anti-Valentine's Day

    Set up a dartboard with a Stupid Cupid target. Guests can take turns throwing darts at cupid, aiming for a comedic bullseye. The best aim wins an "Anti-Love Champion" title!

    1. Mocktail Mixer:

    Craft mocktails with cheeky names like "Cupid's Downfall" and "Heartbreak Fizz." A little laughter and some sweet sips will add to the festivities.

    1. Sarcasm-Infused Desserts:

    Serve up desserts with sarcastic flair. "Love Bites" brownies, "Cupid's Mistake" cupcakes – let the desserts reflect the theme of the day.

    Turn your Anti-Valentine's Day into a memorable Stupid Cupid Cookie-Making Bash. Embrace the humor, celebrate singlehood, and enjoy the sweetness of breaking free from cupid's antics! πŸ’”πŸš«πŸ’˜