Solid Rainbow Foil Cone Party Hat Birthday Accessories, 12 Count



  • 🌈 Celebrate in a spectrum of colors with these Solid Rainbow Foil Cone Party Hats! This set of 12 vibrant and lively cone hats adds a burst of joy and excitement to any birthday bash.
  • 🌟 These Rainbow Foil Party Hats feature a dazzling solid color design, creating a lively and festive look for the birthday honoree and guests. The cone shape adds a classic touch, making them perfect for bringing a sense of fun to your party atmosphere.
  • 🎉 Pre-assembled and comfortable to wear, these party hats are ideal for birthdays of all ages, adding a playful and colorful element to your celebration. The high-quality foil material ensures durability, making them a delightful addition to your party accessories!
  • Set includes 12 cone party hats (7in).

Details: 🥳 Get ready for a colorful and joyful celebration with these Solid Rainbow Foil Cone Party Hats, turning your birthday party into a vibrant and memorable affair! Whether you're hosting a kids' birthday party or an adult celebration, let this set of 12 Solid Rainbow Foil Cone Party Hats bring a rainbow of happiness to your festivities!