Panda Jungle Party Pack - Paper Plates, Napkins, Forks, Table Cover, & Garland (Serves 16)



  • 🌿 Transform your celebration into a Panda Jungle adventure with this Panda Jungle Party Pack – complete with bamboo leaves for an authentic touch! 

  • 🌟 This party pack includes everything you need for a wild and whimsical celebration, featuring adorable panda-themed tableware & jungle decorations that set the stage for a party like no other.

  • 🍃 Crafted with attention to detail, the bamboo accents and green leaves add a touch of nature to your party setting, creating a lush and vibrant atmosphere. Perfect for birthdays, baby showers, or any occasion that calls for a cute and playful panda jungle theme!

  • 🎊 Set includes 16 paper dinner plates (9in), 16 luncheon napkins (6.5in), 16 plastic forks, 1 plastic table cover (54in x 108in), and 1 hanging garland (7ft).


Details: 🐼 Let the pandas roam, and the bamboo leaves sway – it's time for a Panda Jungle Party that will leave everyone roaring with joy! The bamboo leaves in this pack infuse a natural touch of color into your party ambiance, crafting a lush and lively atmosphere. Ideal for birthdays, baby showers, or any event requiring an adorable and playful panda jungle theme! Set will serve meals and dessert for up to 16 little panda-lovers. Plus, disposable tableware will make cleanup a breeze!